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Missing Person/Player



If you're unable to find Person/Player(s) which you believe are within your club or association, simply follow these steps to locate them:

MODE: Administration or Teams

MENU: People > Person List

Under the Role Criteria, select 'No Role' from the drop-down options, followed by Display List.

This will then provide you a full list of People/Players who currently have 'No Roles'. You may filter through this by searching or entering the name of the missing players in the filter list section as highlighted below.


Once you've confirmed that they are indeed within your club/association, simply follow the steps on the Role Confirmation page to allocate said missing Person/Player with the relevant role. 

If you can't find the Person/Player in both the 'No Role' or 'Any Role' criteria, it means that this Person isn't currently registered to your club. Please visit the Adding a New Person/Player page which will go through either adding an existing MyCricket ID to your club, or creating a new one from scratch.


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