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How to use the Person List


The Person List allows you to display a list of people linked to your club or association with desired fields.  The list can be filtered by different person roles, for example view a list of Senior Players.

Step 1

MENU: People > Person List 

MyCricket will allow you to display a list of all the people linked to your Club/Association – this includes all those with current roles (active) and No Roles (inactive)

Moreover, you can filter the Person List to display a more specific list e.g. display only those people with a Role of Player and Sub Role Junior. In this example case, this would be your active Junior Players list.

NOTE: It is also possible to create and save a Custom Person List if you need to regularly display specific person records. For more information on this see “Custom Person Lists”.

Filter Options

Role – Select either a specific role or choose to display records with Any Role or No Role. (No Role displays inactive people. These records will not appear if Any Role is select as search criteria.)

Sub Role – If you want to specify a sub role, you must select a Role first. Alternatively, you can display records with any sub role.

Person Name – This field uses fuzzy logic to search the database. Select either: Name Contains Text; Name Starts with Text or Name Ends With Text from the drop down list.

Date of Birth Range – this is useful when searching for players within a particular age group such as under 19’s

Gender – Select the relevant checkbox to display only those records with the selected gender.

Organisation – This option is only available to Parent Organisations (Associations; State; National) If you would like the search results to include records from your child entities (e.g.: clubs) then select the Also include records from child organisations of the selected organisation checkbox.

Output Fields – These are the fields that will be displayed in the search results. Select a field from the Available Fields list then click Add to move it to the Chosen Fields list. Reverse this process and click remove if you do not want a field displayed in the search results.

NOTE: If you have chosen to display records from child organisations you might want to select Entity as a Chosen Output field as this will display the name of the child organisation the person is listed with.

The data can be downloaded to notepad or excel format by clicking the 'Download Data' at the bottom of the page.  


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