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Edit a Person/Player Record


You can view and edit any of the people records listed in your club or association depending on your User access. (ie: you must have the role Person Manager included in your User profile)

Following these three steps will allow you to edit information such as Player Name, DOB, Email, Mobile Number, Address and a couple of other details. 

Step 1 - Locate the Person's Record

MODE: Administration or Teams

MENU: People > Person List

  • If you're certain that the Person/Player currently has a role in your club or association, simply set the criteria to 'Any Role' and click Display List.
  • You'll then be able to use the Filter List function to locate a specific Person/Player.

NOTE: If the Person is not found in your first search, expand your Search Criteria options, by changing the role to 'No Role'. If the Person is still not found, it means that they're currently not in your club's database and will either need to be added. For more information on this, please visit the  Adding A New Person/Player article. 

 Step 2 - Open Person Record

  • Right click on the relevant Person's name that results from the search
  • Select Edit Record
  • The record will then display in a new window

 Step 3 - Edit the Record

  • Click the required tab
  • Complete/edit/modify the relevant fields
  • Click Update
  • Click OK to save changes 


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