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Update Person Roles


At the start of every season, clubs and associations are encouraged to review the person roles for people within their organisations and update accordingly.  The benefit of this is that your member list will be kept up-to-date and current and be used for sourcing contact details as well as communicating to a specific group (eg. Senior Players).  

Once a person is added to a club/association they cannot be removed due to historic purposes, but we strongly encourage to give 'inactive' members at your club a 'No Role'. 

There are a variety of Roles and Sub Roles which can be applied to a person’s record to cover the various roles they may take on in cricket clubs/associations. 

MODE: ADMINISTRATION or TEAM > MENU: People > Reconfirm Change Person Roles


The Roles and their relevant Sub Roles available are:

·           PLAYER

o        Junior

o        Senior

o        Veteran

·           CONTACT

o        Administrator

o        Support

o        Other

o        Volunteer

·           UMPIRE

o        Junior

o        Senior

o        Veteran


·           COACH

o        Junior

o        Senior

o        Veteran

·           IN2CRICKET

o        HaveAGo

o        HaveAGame

o        Volunteer

o        Coordinator

·           OFFICE BEARER

o        President

o        Secretary

o        Treasurer

o        Ground Contact

o        Other

·           NO ROLE

This role is only applied when all of a person’s roles and sub-roles have been removed. They are therefore considered inactive. This may occur for a number of reasons such as failure to re-confirm by the auto remove date or if a Clearance has been granted to another club in your association where the role requested by the ‘to’ club is the same as that in the ‘from’ club.


Add a Role

  1. Search for and open the person’s record
  2. Click the Roles tab
  3. Current Roles

o        Displays the current Roles the Person has with the club or association you are logged in as.

o        This includes the role, sub-role, the auto remove date and the last re-confirmation date.

o        Click Remove to delete the role & sub-role from the person’s record

o        Click Re-confirm to confirm the role for the upcoming season, only if active (ie if it displays in red)

Add New Role

o        Select a Role from the drop down list

o        Select one or more applicable sub-roles by ticking the checkbox. A role will be added for each sub role you select. Eg: if you select Player as the Role and both Junior and Senior as the sub roles, then 2 roles will be added to the record. Player/Senior and Player/Junior.

o        Click Add Role

o        Click Ok ensuring you have met any relevant clearances and permits that may be set by your governing body.

View Role History

o        All the roles and sub roles the person has held with your club or association display in this area.

o        Select the Show role history in all organisations checkbox to view the roles the person may have held with other clubs and/or associations both currently and in the past





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