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Role Confirmation (Active/Inactive Players)


Role Confirmation (Active/Inactive Players)

Mode:                        Teams/Competitions/Organisations

Menu:                        People > Person Roles Bulk Change

Prior to the beginning of each season you will need to confirm all your players’ roles and sub roles. This will enable you to confirm only those players who are active with your club for the coming season.

If you have not confirmed your player roles by the 31st December each, the system will run an automatic re-rolling and change all your players to NO ROLE. This effectively means the player is inactive and therefore unable to be selected for teams.

NOTE: The previous ResultsVault system had an Active/Inactive checkbox. However, due to the development of people management in MyCricket, specifically the Roles and Sub-Roles feature, this checkbox no longer exists. The following procedure replaces Active/Inactive checkbox.

·           Begin at the Person Roles Bulk Change screen

·           The Role summary table displays all your person  records grouped by role and sub role. Inactive persons will be in the No Role list.

·           Click one of the Select links in the Role summary table to display records in the Person List

·           You can filter the list by DOB if you want to by simply completing the DOB fields in the (optionally) Bulk Select Records area.


·           Click the Select All radio button to apply role changes/confirmation to all the records displayed in the list

·           Click Select to ensure the appropriate records have a green tick next to them in the Select column. If no tick appears next to the person record no change or confirmation will be made against it

·           Select the required action:

o        Re-confirm selected records with current Role/Sub-role (where applicable)  – no change will be made to the role and sub role

o        Change Sub-role of selected records to:  make a selection from the drop down list to change all the records in the list to this sub-role

o        Add Role/Sub-role to selected records of:  make a selection from the drop down list to change all the records in the list to this Role and sub-role

o        Remove current Role/Sub-role from selected records : Deletes the selected role from the persons record. If this is the persons only role, their record will display as No Role. Their details will still be accessible in your system however, the system will treat them as inactive and as such they will not appear in club lists or the standard Person List search.

·           Click Commit Changes


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