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Create a Custom Person List


Create a Custom Person List


Mode:                        Teams/Competitions/Organisations


Menu:                        People > Custom Person List > Manage


Custom Person lists enable you to display a list of person records from within your club/association with control over what information (i.e. the fields of data) are displayed. Any number of these 'Custom' lists can be created which can be available for all organisation users, or for a single user. Custom Lists are useful for displaying lists of person records with similar/like information


Eg: You could use a Custom List to display all the records from the Clubs in your Association with a Player/Senior role. The List will be sorted first by Club Name and then by the players full name.


·           Follow the above menu path

·           Click Add New Custom List

·           Complete the Custom List Title and Custom List Description fields.

·           If required, apply a Person Filter to narrow the list down further. Select the filter from the drop down list.

NOTE: For information on how to create a Filter see “Create a Person Filter” in the Knowledgebase.


·           Select the required Output Fields, that is, select the information you would like displayed in the list.

o        Click the required field in the Available Fields list

o        Click Add to move it to the Chosen Fields list

o        A maximum of 20 fields can be selected.

·           To display more fields in the Available Fields list , select the required checkbox as described:

o        Custom Fields: Will enable you to select a field that has been create by your organisation or one of its parent organisations. These fields are displayed in the list and designated by *

NOTE: For information on creating a custom field see “Custom Fields” in the Knowledgebase.


o        Player Fields: Displays fields specific to the Player role such as registration information, Club name (entity) and subscription information. These fields are displayed in the list and designated by **

o        Umpire Fields: Displays fields specific to the Umpire role such as accreditation, allocation and registration information. These fields are displayed in the list and designated by ***

·           Enter the number of Rows per page from 10 to 100. If more records than this figure appear in your list, they will be broken up in to pages of this size. A small figure means more pages, but each page will load more quickly. Large page sizes may mean slow load times.

·           Select the Sorting type:

o        Auto: each column in the list can be sorted by clicking the column heading when accessing the list. Only a 'primary' sort is possible using this method, ie secondary sort columns (to apply for equal values in the primary column) cannot be specified.

o        Manual: Select which columns to sort by. The list will first be sorted by the Primary column, then the Secondary and Tertiary columns. The sort order cannot be changed when accessing the list using this method (ie column headings will not be clickable) You can also specify whether t sort Ascending or Descending

·           Select an Available to: option.

o        All users for this club/assoc: This Custom List will be available for all your organisations Users.

o        Logged in User Only: The Custom list will only be visible when logged in as the User who created it.

o        Click Save List and Ok

o        Ensure the confirmation message displays at the top of the screen advising you: “Item added successfully”

·           Your Custom Lists can be viewed via the menu path People > Custom Person List > your list title, or by clicking the relevant View link from the Custom Person List Management screen.


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