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Merging a Team from multiple clubs


It’s common for two or more clubs to merge teams together.  This scenario is common in junior cricket when clubs don't have enough players to field a full team so the decision to field a combined team is made.

To 'merge teams' in MyCricket, there is a couple of options:

Preferred option:

The team is administered via one of the club entities in MyCricket.

To do this, players from the other club(s) would need to be transferred to the club entity that is administering the team.  The team name can be adjusted by the association.

To see how to complete the player transfer view the support article here.

Other Options:

  1. Creating an 'Entity team' – rather than administering the team via a club entity, the team can be created and administered by the Association. The association would need to put through a transfer for all necessary players, similar to the preferred option.
  2. Create a new club entity in MyCricket for the ‘merged' team. This is only to be done if the arrangement of the ‘merged’ team is to be in place for future seasons and is not recommended as it will require upfront information and mean that some administrators may need to manage multiple login and clubs.

If you would like some advice on which option your club or association should choose please send through a support request outlining the full detail of what the situation is including which clubs and association and our helpful team will be able to support and provide guidance for you. Please submit a support request here.


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