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How to Transfer a Player


Transfer a Player

Mode:                        Teams

Menu:                        Players > Permits & Clearances > Player Transfer

If an Association has not enabled Clearances and you wish to move a player from another club to your club’s list you can simply transfer them directly to your Person List. However, to comply with privacy measures as there is no governing body authorisation occurring in this case, the Personal Details for the transferred person will not be visible to you for a period of 10 days. However, you can still select the person to teams, modify their Role/s, view them in the Person List and Register them to Associations.

NOTE: if you get a Mandatory Fields error when attempting to register a transferred player, please see the article “Registering a Transferred Player”

·           Person Name (First; Middle; Last)

·           ID (MyCricket ID)

·           Click Search

·           Find the player in the Search Results table.

·           Click Transfer to the right of the players name

NOTE: If the Transfer link is grayed out it means that player is already on your club’s list.

·           A screen will display advising you of the role/s the player holds in their current organisation.

·           Complete the following fields:

o        Transfer this person to: If you are logged in at club level there is only one option here. However, if you are logged in at Association level, you will have the option to transfer the player to either your Associations list or one of your club’s.

o        Role: Select the role the person will take on within your organisation from the drop down list.

o        Sub Role(s): Select all applicable sub-roles from the drop down list.

NOTE: If you do not complete the Role and Sub-role(s) fields the player will be transferred to your list with NO ROLE and will therefore be inactive.

·           Click the Transfer button

·           Click OK ensuring you have read the onscreen Notes section at the bottom of the screen.

·           Search for the player by completing any or all of the following fields on the Transfer Person screen:


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