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Association - Set Current Season


Set Current Season

Association must set the current season for themself and also for their clubs. The season rollover can be actioned after July 1 for traditional cricket competitions played between September-March. There are some key tasks required to set the new season so please read the following information.

Setting the New Season
To set your administration site to the current season please follow these steps:
MODE: Competition
MENU: Competition Settings > Current Season Tab > Set to current season.

The system will then ask you to confirm this setting and informs you that this will trigger the re-confirmation flag for players. This process will require clubs and associations to reconfirm players that have not been added or reconfirmed in the past 10 months. To reconfirm player roles go to:
MENU: People > Reconfirm / Change Person Roles

Setting your Clubs New Season
As an association you must also set the current season for your clubs. This is done on the same competition setting screen as above and requires you to hit the ‘GO’ button. Please note the following:
• If you set the season for your clubs before publishing your fixtures, then your club administrators will receive a ‘Grade Not Found’ message within the new season settings
• Communicate to clubs that the new season has been set and grades will not be displayed until fixtures are published on MyCricket.
• You should also remind them of the need to reconfirm their player roles

De-Registering Players for the New Season
As an association you have two options:
- Keep all registrations from previous season OR
- Remove all registrations and require clubs to re-register all their players for the new season

Best Practice - remove all registrations to ensure players registered to your association are kept current by the affiliated clubs. 

If you wish to remove all registrations then please follow these steps:
- MODE: Competition
- MENU: Competition Settings > Registration Tab > De-Register All Players
- Note: It will ask you to confirm this step AND no players will be able to be selected in teams until they are re-registered by their club

If you require further assistance with this process then please submit a support request and the MyCricket Team will respond.

Please note: The new Summer Season will not be available to activate until July 1 each year.







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