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Regrade a Team


Regrade a Team, move teams after a grading period

Mode: Competitions

Menu: Competition > Grades > Re-Grade Team

This page allows for teams to be moved from one grade to another after the season has started and matches played. Typically this occurs in competitions that allow re-grading to occur if a team is winning or losing too many matches. Re-grading can only occur during the Current Season.   When re-grading the most common approach is that matches, results and statistics move with the team to the new grade. Essentially a duplicate match is created in the new grade so as to maintain integrity of results in the original grade. If matches have already been created in the new grade the procedure will find them and load the existing results against those matches but if results have already been entered the procedure will not continue with the re-grade.

1. Start by selecting the grade that currently has a team in it that needs to be moved. This will populate the "Team to regrade" drop down box with all teams that are currently in that grade for the current season.

2. In situations where a team from the same club already exists in the destination grade the user will be asked to add the new team to the destination grade via the "Allocate Clubs to Grade" screen and then select this team in the re-grading form as the "Destination Team Designation"

  • Team to regrade - This is the team you wish to move to a different grade
  • Destination Grade - This is the grade to which you would like to move the team that requires regrading
  • Type of Re-Grading - There are three different ways in which teams can be re-graded depending on what is required

Migrate matches, match results and statistics
This is the most common method which migrates matches, results and statistics to the new grade for the selected team. A "duplicate" match is maintained in the source grade to maintain the integrity of results in that grade. Matches are migrated with the same round number.

Migrate ladder points only
This is where a ladder points adjustment is calculated and added to the ladder in the destination grade. Matches need to have been created in the destination grade and the team created using the "Allocate Clubs to Grade" function and selected in the re-grading form as form as the "Destination Team Designation"

No Migration, just change grades for given team
This simply removes the team from one grade and places them in another and does not move any matches, results or statistics. The end result will be that the team will have played in one grade to start with and a different one after that.

Destination team designation
Depending on what is selected the user may be required to also select which team in the Destinatino Grade is the team that should be used for the re-grading. It will be necessary where the club already has a team on the destination grade and the "Migrate matches, match results and statistics" or if the user chooses the either of the other two of the "Type of Re-Grading" options.

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