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Create a Competition/Grade


One of the main purposes of MyCricket is competition management. Majority of associations and clubs in Australia use MyCricket to house their fixtures/ladders/stats for each grade.  Below details how to create and setup your grade which normally occurs once a fixture has been confirmed by the association. 


  • Log in as the Association, COMPETITIONS tab. Competitions – Grades – Maintain Teams, Grades & Ladders

  • You will arrive at the below screen where just about everything can be established
  • You can add a new grade from the top left, and delete a grade from the right column. Adjust this as required for each new season.


  • First step is to click on the Edit function to the right of your Grade Name
  • Fill in as many details as relevant to each competition (note each grade should be treated as a different competition).
  • The Match Results Entry section allows you to enter a cut-off time for results to go in (number of hours after 6pm to enter results). This is more for club cricket with newspaper deadlines
  • Remember to save everything using the Update button in the bottom right corner
  • We are now moving from left to right across the tabs as per previous screenshot


  • Your clubs will carry over from last year so should just have to add them from the left to the right, and update
  • If you do get a new club entering it’s best to inform your MyCricket officer at Queensland Cricket who will create for you.


  • Fill in as much information as relevant for each grade. Things like assigning default venues and match times will assist in draw creation. Team short names should carry over from previous season’s but worth checking


  • Note a season should only be locked on completion, and after all relevant results have been entered
  • Ensure that the ladder and fixtures will be published to the public site
  • If you don’t want clubs to be able to edit the draw you can assign representatives ID’s to log in through the Association, or set the parameters



  • This should be used in conjunction with the Ladder menu as discussed further below
  • You can manually update ladders if you choose but MyCricket should be able to save you doing this.
  • From the Edit Config. Option above you will be taken to this page:
  • Ladder Display and Points schemes are linked to what is discussed below.
  • From this page you want to ensure the Calculation is set to Auto and that your ladder will be visible to the public
  • The Pools tab above is not relevant to the GPS Competition at this stage


  • From the COMPETITIONS Tab, select Competition – Ladders – Ladder Points Scheme
  • Continuing competitions already has some pre-loaded Ladder Schemes from previous seasons, but clicking on Edit will take you here:
  • Points can be adjusted as required in each row.
  • The Ladder Points Scheme Name at the top of the above screenshot needs to align with the Ladder Display Scheme name in the image shown two above (repeated below)
  • For more customised options refer to this:
  • This will allow you to add or delete rows to improve your ladder visual or include more detailed information.
  • Again you need to ensure your Display Scheme Names all align


Once the grade has been setup, a draw/fixture can be created.



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