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Tips and Tricks for MyCricket Websites


Tips and Tricks to ensure you have the best looking website possible:

  • Fit Menu Items in one row.  Reduce items if the menu appears on a second row.  It's recommended a maximum of 6-8 menu items. 

  • Update your banner size.  Dimensions are 980x180. The banner image will need to be edited away from MyCricket (eg. Photoshop), then upload the banner image via the 'File Manager'. The banner can then be added to the 'Home Page Layout' and 'Non-Home Page Layout' via the Layout Manager section. 

  • Check that their aren't too many words in the 'Display Headers'. Keep the display names short and simple. Eg. 'Facebook' instead of 'Smith Park Cricket Club Facebook'. Display Headers can be edited within the Layout Manager section. 

  • Make the 'Background Colour' the same as the 'Primary Colour'. This will give the website consistent and clean look. This can adjusted via the 'Site Styles' section of the Layout Manager.

  • If the website appears jumbled, click Ctrl+F5 and if that doesn't work clear the cache on your browser. 


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