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Tracking website hits using Google Analytics


Website Statistics

MyCricket uses Google Analytics Tracking Code for website statistics.


Mode: Website

Menu: Site > Site Settings


MyCricket allows integration with Google Analytics which can be used to analyse the traffic to your web site. You will first need to sign up for a (free in most cases) account with Google Analytics. See the Google Analytics website (http://www.google.com/analytics/) for further information, and in particular, please ensure you read their terms and conditions before signing up.

You will receive a tracking code (begins with UA-) from Google, which is then entered into the textbox on the MyCricket Site Settings page. This will place the special Google Analytics tracking script on every page of your web site. Then as required, you can log into your Google Analytics site to view your web site statistics. To remove the tracking, clear the code from the textbox on the MyCricket Site Settings page.


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    Matt Woodbridge

    Sounds good and I think I'll set Google Analytics up - but what I'd really like to know is whether RSS is available? Can't see it mentioned anywhere...

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