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Editing your website's menu


Your website's menu can be customised to include any number of menu and sub-menu items to direct your users to relevant files and sections of your site. Navigate to the below page to get started.

MODE: Website
MENU: Site > Edit Menu

There are two modes that you can use when editing your menu, Simple and Advanced. By default your menu will be set to Simple mode.

Built in items automatically included in the public menu, use the Site > Menu Preferences page to customise the built in items

Built in items not included - create all of your menu items manually

Menu preferences (if using SIMPLE mode)
If you have selected SIMPLE mode then your menu is already setup with the standard inbuilt MyCricket items, these can be customised via Site > Menu Preferences. For all of the options below you can choose to rename the item or hide it.

  • Home
  • MyCricket Menu Items
  • News
  • Events
  • Clubs (Associations only)
  • Grounds (Associations only)
  • Contact
  • Help
  • Administration

Customising the menu
When you first customise the menu a single item will appear - named Root. This is the top level of the new menu, and all items are created as 'child' items of the Root level.

Any changes you make do not take effect until you click the Publish Menu button at the bottom of the screen. Once this is clicked, the new menu is available immediately on the public site. All changes can be abandoned by clicking the Abandon changes button.

If your website menu has two or more rows, here a couple of tips to reduce it to a single row which is recommended:

  • Reduce amount of menu items (5-8).
  • Use short descriptions for menu items (eg. 'Records and Awards' is too long).
  • Reduce 'Item Padding' via the Styles Manager within the Site Layout Manager section.

Creating menu items
To create a menu item click on the "Create Child" piece of paper icon next to the relevant item. This will then display a form to fill out to configure that menu item as shown below.

Title - give the item an appropriate name, keep these as shorty as possible to conserve space
Target type - the page/file that will open when the item is selected. The target is
displayed in the tree view next to the item

  • HTML page - choose from a list of HTML pages you've created to link a menu item to
  • Slideshow Gallery - choose from a list of galleries you've created
  • File - choose from a list of files you've uploaded to your File Manager to link a menu item to
  • External - link your menu item to an external website/webpage
  • Built in - choose from a list of in built MyCricket pages to link a menu item to
  • Separator - creates a blank menu item

Note: For HTML pages the SEO version uses the Title of the page (as entered in the HTML Page editor). Spaces and forward slashes in the title are converted to hyphens, ampersands are ignored. E.g. a page with a title My Sporting Club Contacts 2009/10 would have a SEO friendly URL of /My-Sporting-Club-Contacts-2009-10.aspx?rw=c (the rw=c is required). This URL is more effectively picked up by search engines, and is more readable. However, SEO URL links will break if the title of the HTML page changes (and the menu will need to be regenerated), whereas the 'default' URL is not susceptible to changes in the title. There may be some cases where strange characters in the title means that an SEO URL does not work. In that case, you should fall back to the 'default' URL for that page, or modify the title.

Editing an existing menu item

  • Click the name of the menu item, this places the item into Edit mode
  • Type in the new name in the Title text box
  • Click the OK link to update changes for this item (no changes are visible on the public site until Publish Menu is clicked. Or click Cancel to cancel changes to the item

Deleting a menu item

  • Click the menu item to select it for editing
  • Click the Delete link
  • Click OK at the confirmation box to confirm the deletion.

Note: deleting a menu item will also delete any 'child' items underneath the item
Assigning or changing the target of a menu item.


  • It is recommended that your menu is arranged logically, with related items grouped as a sub menu

For example - rather than having:

    Photos-1st grade
    Photos-2nd grade
    Photos-3rd grade

it would be better to have:

        1st grade
        2nd grade
        3rd grade

Moving menu items
Items can be moved anywhere on the tree by dragging and dropping the folder to the left of the item name.

  • Drag item A to item B to make item A a child item of B
  • Hold down Control and drag item A to item B to move item A before item B
  • Hold down Shift and drag item A to item B to move item A after item B

Applying your changes
You can make any number of changes to the menu, however no changes will be applied to your Weet-Bix MyCricket web site until you click the Publish Menu button.

To abandon all changes click the Abandon Changes button. You will lose all changes made within the Edit Menu page since you last published the menu, and the Edit menu page will reflect the status of your current website menu.

If neither Publish or Abandon is clicked, and you leave and return to the Edit Menu page later, you can take up from where you left off. Changes are not available on your web site until you click the Publish Menu button. The Publish and Abandon buttons are only enabled if you have pending changes, and a message just above the buttons indicates this.


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