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Renew Your Website


Website Renewal

Mode:                        Website

Menu:                        Site > Account > Account Details & Renewals

MyCricket websites need to be renewed annually, even if you are not paying for any additional features. Accounts can only be renewed one month before they are set to expire.

Note: If you were a SportzVault customer at any stage in the past you may notice an expiry message when you log in to Web Management. To reactivate your Website, click the here link in the expiry message. Follow the directions below.

·           Follow the above menu path

·           Ensure all the amount owing totals equal $0.00

o        If you are paying for additional features you will need to enter payment details. Select one of the available payment options.

·           Check the expiry date.

·           Click Renew Account If the expiry date is more than 12 months ago you will need to click Renew Account again until the date is brought up to a future date. This is because the system will only renew 12 months at a time.

·           If you have had to Renew several times due to an old expiry date it is recommended that you log out of the system then back in again in order to refresh.

·           You should now have access to administer the Web Management Component of MyCricket.

NOTE: The Renew Account button will be grayed out if the following message displays at the top of the screen:

No host header (Site URL) has been set up for this site. You will not be able to access the public web site, or renew the account until this is done.

This means your club or association does not have website URL. See the Knowledgebase article “Requesting a Website” for further information.


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