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Uploading a banner to your website


Uploading a banner image to your website is a simple way to bring your website to life and give a more professional look and feel.

You will need to create an image that is 980px wide and a height of 180x. Once you have your image follow these steps to upload it:

  1. Login to MyCricket, select 'Website' mode and then in the menu select Content > File Manager
  2. Upload your image to the 'images' folder
  3. Then in the menu select Site > Site Layout Manager
  4. Edit your 'Home Page Layout' and then edit your 'Banner' widget by clicking the settings cog icon
  5. In the Image File Source drop down select the image you uploaded and hit OK
  6. Save and then publish your layout (repeat the process for your 'Non-Home Page Layout' if you want the banner to appear on all pages of your website)

Here is an example of how a website banner can look once uploaded.


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