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Maintain Team Settings - (Team Display Name & Media Name)


Maintain Team Settings - (Team Display Name & Media Name)

Mode:                        Competitions

Menu:                        Competition > Grades > Maintain Grades, Teams and Ladders > Team Settings 

This screen allows the maintenance of information at the team level. Information such as home grounds, team names, match start times and seeds can be edited at this screen.

·           Select the Season from the drop down list

·           Click Go

·           Complete the following fields:



Default Venue

Select the teams’ home ground from the drop down list. This should be done before creating a draw.

Team (Display) Name

The display name is used to represent the club/team in fixtures, ladders etc on the public site. It is usually only necessary to specify a display name when a club has more than one team in a grade.

Type directly into the field

Team Media Name

The media name is used to represent the club/team in media extracts (see [ref]). You may wish to abbreviate club names here to save space in media reports. eg, South Yarra could be specified as 'SY'. This does not affect how the club names are displayed elsewhere in MyCricket.

Type directly into the field

Default Start Time (hh:mm AM/PM)

An entry here will override the default start time entered against the grade at the Grade setup screen. Times must be entered in hh:mm AM/PM format.

Type directly into the field

Draw Seed

The seeding that will be used when creating fixtures for this grade. This can also be modified at the draw creation stage.

Type directly into the field

Hide in Ladder

This function can be used to hide teams who may have withdrawn form the grade.

Check the tick box to hide the team.

Update Existing Fixtures

Clicking this checkbox for the given team will update any existing fixtures with the new settings. Any matches, that haven't already been played, will be updated with the new default venue and/or start time for home matches involving that team.

·           Click Update and OK to save the changes.

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