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Grade Management


Grades Management 

Mode:                        Competitions

Menu:                        Competition > Grades > Maintain Grades

The Maintain Grades screen allows you to add new grades; edit existing grades; edit ladder points or delete a grade entirely. This setup is critical to many tasks that follow, please ensure you reference the help if you are unsure of any settings.

From this screen you can complete the following tasks:



Add New Grade

This will enable you to setup a new grade within your association. You can specify settings relating to ladder, match reports, season and general grade information.

·           Click Add New Grade

·           Complete as many fields as necessary to create a new grade. Ensure you complete all mandatory fields (those marked with an *)

Note: See below for more information on Adding a New Season.

·           Click Add

Edit Existing Grade

To modify the settings of an existing grade:

·           Click Edit Grade next to the grade you want to edit.

·           Modify as many fields as you wish.

·           Click Update and OK to save the changes.

Edit Ladder Points

Ladders can be calculated in a number of ways. To specify points for final match results:

·           Click Edit Ladder Points next to the grade you want to specify ladder points.

·           Complete as many fields as possible on the Ladder Points Setup screen.

·           Click Update and OK to save the changes.

Adding a New Grade

The Add a New Grade function allows you to create a new grade for your competition. Each grade of your competition will need to be set up individually. Please ensure you reference the help if you are unsure of any settings.



Grade Name

Enter Name/Title of the Grade.

Note: If the Grade has an abbreviated name, this can be entered in the Grade Short Name field.


Ensure this box is checked for clubs to be able to view the grade.

Grade Sort Order

Type in a ranking number value for how you wish this grade to display in MyCricket

Grade Type

The type of competition this grade will be for.

Grade Standard/Level

The level of your competition

Note: Grade Type must be selected for this field to be available.

Age Qualification

Enter a date of birth to ensure eligibility for grade e.g. junior or veteran’s grades.

Note: If no restrictions apply, leave field blank

Default Match Start Time

The time all matches will start in the grade

Number Of Finals Teams

Determines how many teams are displayed on the ladder as being in the finals.

Note: This field specifically relates to ladder display and has no bearing on the Match details for finals.

Ladder Calculation Method

You can choose either to have MyCricket automatically calculate your ladder points or manually enter them yourself.

Select the appropriate radio button

Points Per Bye

Determines how many points a team earns on a bye. This will most often be 0

Show Ladder Summary Fields

Applicable fields such as runs for/against, wickets lost/taken will be displayed if the box is checked.

Points Ratio Display

Determines whether the points ratio column is to be displayed in the ladder.

The Points Ratio is the current ladder points divided by the number of matches played.

Show Percentage

The percentage column is displayed in the ladder if this option is selected.

Percentage Label

If percentage is displayed on the ladder, this is the label that appears as the heading of the percentage column. Type text directly into the field.

If left blank, % is displayed.

Percentage Calculation Method

Specify the method used to calculate the percentage by selecting the appropriate option from the drop down list:

·           None: Not calculated

·           Points for runs and wickets - (Total Runs * points for run) + (Total Wickets * points for wicket)

·           Points for runs and wickets added to match points - as above, match points are also added

·           Runs For / Wickets Lost - self explanatory

·           (Runs For / Wickets Lost) / (Runs Against / Wickets Taken) - self explanatory

·           (Runs For / Overs Faced) - (Runs Against / Overs Bowled) - This is a NET RUN RATE type percentage calculation

·           Points for runs and wickets (2nd Inn) - as above but for 2nd innings runs and wickets only

·           Points for runs and wickets added to match points (2nd Inn) - as above but for 2nd innings runs and wickets only

·           Custom bonus points added to match points - Bonus points can be further customised to account for schemes where points are awarded for reaching certain batting and bowling targets. For example 1 point runs > 180, 2 points for runs > 250 etc. For this setting contact MyCricket support.

Points Per Run

Bonus points awarded per run made

Points Per Wicket

Bonus points awarded per wicket taken

Club Championship Weighing Factor

If the association has enabled a club championship ladder, this value weights the ladder points for this grade. Set to zero to exclude the current grade from club championship.

Number Of Hours To Enter Match Result/Confirm Match Result/Enter Player Scores

The number of hours after 6pm on the last match day until the given action is considered late.

Player Score Entry Locked When Match Official

Not allowing any further action to the match once the result is made official.

Player Score Tolerance

The amount of runs difference allowed between batting and bowling scorecards.

Use Captain’s/Umpire’s Report

This allows entry of captain’s or umpire’s reports for this grade.

Allow Clubs To Enter Umpires

This allows clubs to enter umpire details in match score. Leave unchecked if umpire allocation is responsibility of association.

Grade Structure

This feature allows multiple ladders to be created in a grade (e.g. Two day ladder & One day ladder). The names for these can be created in the Pool Names/Ladder Headings section. The settings are:

§         Not Applicable - No special grade structure

§         Separate Ladder Pools - Each grade is divided into pools with team members set using the "Maintain Team Settings" screen for the given season. This allows the grade to be divided into "Group A", "Group B" etc with separate ladders for each.

§         Separate 1Day/2Day Ladders - Two ladders are reported for the grade, the first is the overall ladder for all matches in the grade and the 2nd is just for the 1-day matches only.

§         1Day/2Day Ladders with Pools - Similar to above but with the option of also splitting teams into pools so ladders are reported separately for 1 and 2 day matches and pool ladders are also reported separately.


Allow Clubs To Edit Draws And Ladders

This allows clubs access to change draws and ladders. This is only for competitions associations do not manage or entry of historical data.

Match Type

The format of each match in the grade

Number Of Seeds

This only applies to knockout competitions.

Ladder Points Setup

The Ladder Points Setup section of the Edit/Add New Grade screen is where you will determine what points are allocated to each result of a match. This setup can be copied from another grade by selecting Copy data from another Grade and clicking Go.


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