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Association Setup


Association Setup

Mode:                        Competition

Menu:             Competition > Competition Settings

This screen enables you to do the following tasks:

·           Set the current season for your association and affiliated clubs

·           Add past seasons

·           Enable registration feature across all or selected grades

·           Enable the Clearance and permits process.

Current Season Tab

To update and set the current season for your Association and all its affiliated clubs follow these steps:

·          Select the relevant season from the Association Current Season drop down list

·          Click Update

·          Click OK to save the changes

·          A confirmation message will appear advising you the current season has been set to your selection. This only sets the season for the association itself not all its affiliated clubs. Continue through the next steps to set this season for all your clubs

·          Click GO next to Set current season of all clubs to association's current season

·          Click OK to save the changes

·          The information message will advise you that the season you selected is now set for all clubs.

·          The new Summer Season will not be available for selection/activation, until July 1 each year.

Season List Tab

There may be times where clubs request you to activate past seasons so they can enter historical data. To do this:

·           Select the relevant season for the Add Season drop down list

·           Click Add

·           The season will display in the Seasons table and will now be available to all clubs affiliated with your association.

Registration Tab

Registration is mandatory in MyCricket and this tab has no options.

Clearances Tab

·           Select the Enable Clearances and Permits checkbox to enforce the transfer and clearance process for your affiliated clubs.

NOTE: For more information on this feature see the Knowledgebase article “Clearance & Transfer Process.”


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