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Register to receive club based notifications


Signing up to receive club notifications will allow you visibility for when things like a match result is disputed, a clearance or permit is requested or a registration is received. To receive these emails, you must subscribe to the notification list.

Mode:                        Administration

Menu:                        Organisation > Notifications Subscriber List


*Ensure that your email address for your User Profile is accurate and up to date.

NOTE: This refers to your email address in the User list not the Person List. Only those listed as Users in the User List can subscribe to notifications.

To add a new user to receive emails follow the steps below:

  1. Click add next to the notification you want to subscribe to
  2. Select the required name from the User drop down list.
  3. Select which grades you would like to receive notifications for.
    • All Grades: You will be notified of Match Disputes or Clearance/Permit requests for all grades.
    • Select Grades: This option enables you to specify which grades you will be notified for.
  4. Click Update


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