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How to Email a Particular Team


Emailing a particular team will allow you to email a specific message to the certain team that may need match day information including change in venue or issues with weather.

Mode:                        Teams

Menu:                        Communications > Email > Email Players in a particular team

Once you have selected a team you can compose and send a bulk email to the selected players through MyCricket. You will need to ensure that all team members have an email address against their record to receive the communication.

  1. Select the required Round and Grade from the drop down lists
  2. Click GO
  3. Complete the Subject field
  4. Type your email into the Message text area provided.
  5. Add attachments if required
  6. If required, select one of the 3 options
  7. Select the required recipients
  8. If required, type any additional email addresses in the Extra Recipients field.
  9. Click Send Email


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