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How to send an email communication


Emailing players, parents and other club volunteers is a great way to communicate a message and provide significant details as to the message you are trying to get across. It could be a simple ‘Welcome to the club’ or it can provide details of an upcoming match and any changes.

The communications menu option is found under the Competition or Teams modes, depending on which group of people you are trying to contact.  If you are a Club, this item is found in the Teams mode.  If you are an Association this item is found in the Competitions mode. 

Mode:   Teams    

Menu: Communications > Email > Email People

You can email different groups based on the grade they are in the entire club by selecting the different email option under the email communications tab.

Both these menu paths enable you to send emails from within MyCricket. The difference between the two options is how the recipients are chosen.

Email Option


Email Clubs

Each club can designate one or more people from their lists who will receive communications from the association. If these nominated contacts have an email address recorded in MyCricket, they will appear here. 

You can select all or some of these people to send messages to.

Clubs maintain the list via the Club contacts for association(s) function available from the Club administration menu. Alternatively, associations can maintain the lists for the clubs via the Club maintenance function available from the Association administration menu.

Email People

You can send a general (free-form) email in bulk to participants within your Association from this page. You can send to your entire list, or search using criteria or a Person Filter.

If you have setup one or more Person Filters, you can select a filter from the drop down list. This will display all participants’ who meet the filter conditions.

When a Person Filter is selected, other Search Criteria is not shown. To activate the Search Criteria, choose None from the Person Filter drop down list.

  • Complete the following fields as necessary:







A short title for the email, or rather a description to summarise the email.


Type directly in the field.


This is a mandatory field.




The body of the email to be sent.


Type the free flow text directly in the field.


To create a hyperlink, use the following HTML code:


<a href=http://www.cricket.com.au/>Cricket Australia</a>


This is a mandatory field.




Files may be attached to most emails.


· Click Browse


· Locate the file you wish to attached in the popup dialog box and click Open or OK (depending on your browser) to confirm


· Click Attach


Note: Attached files are then displayed in a table, giving the File name and size. More than one file can be attached, and attachments can also be removed prior to sending by clicking Delete next to the appropriate file in the table.




The options available are:


· Send a copy of message back to sender: If checked you will receive a copy of the email you have just sent.


· Only display recipients with a valid email address: If checked, the recipient list will be filtered to not show recipients who have no, or an invalid, email address.


· Hide email addresses: By default the recipient's email address is shown under their name. This option hides the address, and reduces the size of the table to make it more readable/usable.


Recipients List


All potential recipients are listed, each with a checkbox. The recipients listed are determined by the type of message you are sending, and possibly by other Show/Filter options if selected.


· Check the box next to the recipients you wish to send messages to.


· To check or uncheck all recipients use the Select All Recipients or Select No Recipients in the Recipients row above.


· You must choose at least one recipient before sending your message.


Extra Recipients


Enables you to send the email to recipients who are not in the MyCricket system.


Type the email address directly in the field. Separate multiple addresses with a semi colon (;)


  • Click Send Email… and OK


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