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Allocate Clubs/Teams to a Grade/Competition


Allocate Clubs/Teams to a Grade/Competition

Mode: Competitions
Menu: Competition > Grades > Maintain Grades, Teams and Ladders > Allocate Teams

All clubs will need to be allocated to a particular grade before they can compete in that grade. 

·           Select the Season from the drop down list

·           Click Go

·           Select the required team from the Available Clubs list

·           Click Add to move the club to the Clubs in this Grade list

·           If a club has 2 or more teams competing in a single grade/competition, add them again.

·           Click Update and OK to save the changes.


NOTE: For clubs that have multiple teams in a single Grade/Competition, you will need to change their display and media names to differentiate them in the draw. For more information on this, see “Maintain Team Settings” in the Knowledgebase.




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