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Setting up player points


MyCricket can now be used to manage player points and track team selections (released in March 2015).

This allows Associations to allocate a points limit per grade and assign a points value against their players. Then when a Club is selecting a team they can see how many

Follow the below instructions to set this up:

  1. Login and navigate to Competition > Grades > Maintain grades and click the 'Grade details' link next to the grade you wish to set a limit for
  2. To set a player's points value go to Competition > Matches > Player Points > Edit Player Points search for the relevant players and enter a points value between 1-10*
  3. Inform your clubs of the change and if needed view player points through Competition > Matches > Player Points > View Player Points. Here you can assign a date range to view points as of a certain date
  4. View a report to track this round by round through Competition > Matches > Player Points > Team Selections Report

*Note: A future release may include a bulk upload feature

Now when a club selects a team for a grade with a limit set they will see each player's points in brackets next to their name.

If a club exceeds the limit set for that grade they will receive a warning message to that effect.


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