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Responding to a Permit


Responding to a Permit (applies to Association only)

Mode:                        Competitions 

Menu:                        Players > Player Clearance/Permit List

When a club in your Association applies for a Player Permit, an email notification will be sent indicating the action required. This email will only be sent to those users who have subscribed to this notification via the Notifications Subscribers list.

NOTE: see the Knowledgebase for information on Notification Subscriptions

·           Follow the above menu path

·           Select the required Season from the drop down list

·           Click GO

·           Locate the player in the Permits List table

·           Click Detail to access the permit request

·           Select the appropriate permit response from the drop down list

·           Complete the Association comment

Other Actions on this Screen

·           click Audit to see the history of the request

·           click Delete to delete the request - this should only be done if the request was created in error


Keywords: allow, block, change, people, transfer


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