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Mandatory Fields For Registration


Mandatory Fields For Registration

Mode:                        Teams/Competitions/Organisation

Menu:                        People > Players > Player Registration Mandatory Fields

Player Registration Mandatory Fields allows the association to select any fields that are required to be filled in by the clubs. These mandatory fields are then enforced at the point of Player Registration by the club to the given association.

An exception report is available that lists all the players that had been registered before the mandatory fields were setup that are missing those details. This report is called "Players who are missing mandatory fields".

Setting a field as mandatory will not prevent the field from being changed in the future by the club but a method has been provided to allow the association to know when this happens by indicating which fields are "Monitored".

When a field is flagged as being "Monitored" a record will be kept of every change that takes place for those fields for your registered players. These records are then listed in the "Players who have had changes to monitored fields" exception report.

NOTE: To make Registration mandatory for all clubs in your Association you will need to enable it via the Association Setup screen. See “Association Setup” in the Knowledgebase for further details.

·           Follow the above menu path

·           A list of all fields in the Personal Details tab appears

·           Select the checkbox next to the fields you want to make mandatory in the Mandatory Fields list

·           Select the checkbox next to the fields you want to make mandatory in the Monitored Fields list

·           Click the Update button


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