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Selling Merchandise in Online Registration Forms


As part of the Online Registration form, clubs are able to sell merchandise (saleable items) such as shirts and caps.  This will make it easier for players and parents to make payments for items when registering to play cricket. 

Creating and adding ‘saleable items’ to a online registration form is an add-on to an Online Registration form.  View How to Setup Online Registrations Payments for the entire process.

  1. Create the Saleable Item

Click ‘Step 2: Set-up the Registration Types/Products’ > Select ‘Class’ – ‘Saleable Item’ > fill out the relevant fields and click ‘Update’.

  1. Add the Saleable item to the Online Registration form.

Click ‘Step 3: Set-up a Registration Form to create a new form OR edit an existing Registration form > Add Saleable Items (at the bottom of the page) to the ‘Selected Saleable Items’ column.

3. Once the Saleable item is added to the form, the item will appear as an option within the registration form on PlayCricket.


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