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How to Setup Online Registrations & Payments


Online Registration is a MyCricket feature that allows participants to sign up directly with your club or MILO in2CRICKET/MILO T20 Blast centre.

Administrators, with a “Person Manager” role, can set up Online Registration now and make it available to participants at a later date when you’re ready to receive

Online Payments allows participants to make secure registration payments to their club using the internet, then allows clubs/centres to receive payments via secure online banking direct into their account and reconciles these payments with the participant list. Administrators with a “Financial Manager” role need to set-up Online Banking details however anyone with a “Person Manager” role can activate it.

The service fee for online payments is 1.95%.

Once set up, Online Registration and Payments will be available to participants and parents via www.playcricket.com.au. Or you can create a link directly from your website to the online registration login page.

www.playcricket.com.au registration page


NOTE - if the registration form was made active before July 7th 2016, then must add the products and saleable items again via the ‘Edit Online Registration Form’. See below to see how.

Setup Online Registration

MODE: Administration
MENU: Online Registration > Registration and Payments

If this is your first time to Online Registrations & Payments you will be prompted with terms and conditions of use. Please read and accept these in order to proceed to the Online Registration homepage.

Step 1 – If required, set-up bank details

Decide whether your club will allow players to make registration payments online and do this step only if you decide yes. Go to step 2 if setting up Registrations Only. Only administrators with a “Financial Manager” role can set-up or view Bank details.

If you set-up your bank details and activate online payments, payments go directly to your club or center’s nominated bank account once a week.

Note: A pay week is between Saturday to Friday with monies transferred the following Thursday and, depending on your bank, it will generally be available on the Friday.

It is important the bank account is the club or centre bank account - online registration payments should not be going to a committee member’s personal bank account.

If you choose to activate online payments it’s best to do this before you setup registration forms to make the process quicker from the Registration and Payments page select on the Step 1 link or Setup Online Payments button.

This will open your Banking Details page, with two sections to complete:

  • Bank Details – Enter you clubs specific bank account details including ABN or AIS and indicate if you are registered for GST.
  • Contacts – Your clubs primary and secondary contacts should be the most appropriate administrators in regard to the club’s finance and banking arrangement. (E.g. Treasurer & Secretary). This will pre-populate with your details and the MyCricket Principal User’s details but you can change these if required.

Select the Submit Bank Details button. You will be presented will a Review Banking Details page which will ask to confirm the details are correct.

Step 2 – Set-up online Registration Types / Products

Registration Product Types are to be setup for each 'Membership Subscription' offering (eg. U12, Seniors etc.), as well as 'Saleable Items' such as club merchandise. Once the product types have been created they can then be added to the Registration Form. 

To create a Registration Product Type:

  1. Select Step 2: Set-up Registration types/products
  2. Fill out the fields. Detailed description in the below table. 
  3. Select Update

Enter in the following details:

Field Description
Name* This is the name of the Registration (e.g. Senior) or Product (e.g. club cap)
Category* Club or Association
Description A short description
Price* Price of the registration or product (includes GST if applicable)
Class* Enter in whether this is a registration subscription (e.g. Registration) or a saleable item (e.g. Product)
Available until* Defaults to the end of the season but you can change this if you only want it available for a limited period of time
Active* Defaults to active but if you stop a registration type you can do that here by setting a different date
Sort order If you have several products available the sort order affects where it appears in a list
Start Date* Defaults to start of season but can be edited. This dictates what year/season this registration if for

End Date*
Defaults to the end of season but can be edited
Person Role* Who is this registration or product for e.g. a senior player?
General Discounts If you choose to offer a general discount then enter in a discount value e.g. $40
Discount Description If you choose to offer a discount enter a description
Early Discount If you choose to offer a discount for registering early then enter a discount value e.g. $40
Early discount cut-off date If you choose to offer a discount for registering early then enter a cut-off date this expires by


Click on the Update button to save. Click on the Back to Online Registration & Payments link.

Step 3 – Set-up a Registration Form

From the Online Registration and Payments page, click on New Registration Form button

You will be taken to the Edit Registration Form page.

From the drop down select whether you are creating a Club Registration Form or an in2CRICKET Registration Form, then select Refresh

This will display the fields applicable to the form you selected. Enter the following details:

Field Description
Title* Defaults to the name previously selected in the drop down list but is editable
Top Description

Defaults to a short description from the template but can be deleted or edited by you. It appears at the top of the form your participants fill out.

Bottom Description Appears at the bottom of the form your participants fill out
Status* Set to ACTIVE for it be available to your participants
Sort Order If you have several registration forms available the sort order affects where it appears in a list
Disclaimer If you wish a disclaimer/terms and conditions page to display as part of the signup process, select it here. If selected, the user will have to check a box to signify they agree with these conditions.
Contact Name Pre-populated with the name of the person creating the form
Contact Email Pre-populated with the name of the person creating the form
Payment Gateway* If you want to activate the payment gateway you will need to select “Cricket Australia Payment System” as the payment gateway. If online payment have not been activated this will remain inactive. Note: A person with a “Finance Manager” role will need to set-up Bank Details before this option becomes available
Allow Offline Payments
Defaults to checked if online payments is not available
Payments Description e.g. please pay club secretary prior to the first training session
Currency Format Read only. Defaults to $AUD
Tax Description Read only. Prepopulated with your clubs GST status as indicted when online banking form filled out.
Tax rate Read only. Defaults to Australian GST tax rate of 10%
Form fields
Form fields Defaults to questions pre-determined by Game Development and in2CRICKET
Registration Types/Products*
Registration types/products Select and Add available type/products. These are the products set up in the previous step.

* denotes compulsory fields

Note: choose one only from the first set of boxes e.g. a Club Registration form should only be able to register for either a Senior Membership or Junior membership, but choose from the second set of boxes if these can be chose in addition to e.g. a hat and a shirt

TIP - Adding a Hyperlink to Online Registration Forms

Select Update to save these details, then select Back to Online Registrations & Payments to go back to the main page.

You will need to return to this form and select the Payment Gateway if your Club or Centre’s bank details were entered after the Registration Form was setup

Managing Online Registrations and Payments

Once you have set-up as least one registration item, you can manage all your Registration Types and Forms from the Online Registrations and Payments Page. Here you can:

  • View the period your registration is open until
  • View the number of registrations you have received
  • Edit your forms
  • Delete forms
  • Preview the website view of the registration process

You can delete Registration Type / Products or Registration Forms only if no player or participant has used the form via the MyCricket website

Additional Features

Below is a brief description of other features associated with Online Registration.

  • Custom Questions: This feature allows you to insert your own questions within the online registration process; therefore you can obtain specific details directly from your members. These custom fields are set up through the Custom Person Fields within the People Menu. NOTE: This is NOT available for MILO in2CRICKET Registration Types.
  • Entrants: All online registrations that are received will be listed within the Registrations Product Report under 'Reports' in the Online Registration menu. You can view these by all online registrations received or filter to view by one registration type at a time. You should continue to manage your person list and their details through the MyCricket People Menu.
  • Settlements: The settlements screen will detail the weekly transaction list. You should reconcile against this amount to ensure you are receiving the correct amount into your bank account each week.


MODE: Administration
MENU: Online Registration > Reports

There are a number of Registration and Payment reports which you may find useful.

Registration Summary Report
For each registration form you have set-up allows you to view: Number of registrations, a summary of total payments collected (online & offline), total payments collected online, total payments outstanding.

Transaction Report
For each registration form you have set-up allows you to view each online payment transaction in a given date range

Daily Transaction Report
For each registration form you have set-up allows you to view a daily sales total

Registration Product Report
For each registration form you have set-up allows you to view transactions grouped by Registration Type / Product in a given date range

Payments Settlement Report
For a given period provides clubs / centers with a report on what transactions have been completed and what they have been paid by IMG, MyCricket’s collection and fee processing partner.

Participants Payment Summary
Manage payment status of both online and offline payments (For more information see below)

Reset Payment Status
Changes status for all person records to Not Paid

Managing Payments

You can manage your online registration payments through the Participants Payments Summary Report.

MODE: Administration
MENU: Online Registration > Reports > Participants Payments Summary

The Payments Received Summary will automatically display amounts that have been received within the Online Payments System. You will then be able to manage the payment status by adjusting to partially paid or fully paid for each participant. You can also record any in person transactions by entering cash/cheque payments to ensure if you have a full list of payments received from your participant.


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