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Setting Up Ladder Points



The Ladders Points Schemes page allows you to allocate points against every possible match result type. Once the scheme has been created it can then be assigned to a grade. When a match result is entered, the number of points linked to that match result will be allocated to the teams within the ladder.

Note – An updated ladder will not appear instantly once a match result has been entered. All ladders are recalculated at 3am AEST every night.


Step 1
Navigate to Mode: Competitions > Menu: Competition > Ladders > Ladder Points Schemes
Add a New Ladder or Edit the required Ladder Point Scheme from the drop down list

Step 2

Enter the number of points to be awarded for each match result directly into the corresponding field. Add any bonus points for runs or wickets into the Bonus Points fields. 

Select 'Update' once complete.


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