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Ladder Adjustments


Ladder Adjustments

Mode:                        Competitions

Menu:                         Competition > Ladders > Ladder Adjustment

This process will assist you when making adjustments to a ladder such as penalties and bonus points.

·           Follow the above menu path

·           Complete the Season, Round and Grade fields

·           Click Go

·           Click Add New Adjustment

Note: Only one adjustment can be made for each team in a match. Any subsequent adjustments added for the same team in a particular match will replace any existing amendment.

·           Complete the following fields as required:




The match that the ladder points adjustment applies to.

Select from the drop down list.

Adjustment applies to:

This drop down list will contain the names of the 2 teams based on your selection in the Match field above.

Select the team the adjustment applies to from the drop down list.

Ladder type:


Only Main Ladder is available.


Enter a positive number to increase the team's total points within the ladder, or a negative number to reduce the points.

Type the number with either a positive (+) or negative (-) symbol preceding it directly into the field.


Adjusts the percentage within the ladder.

Must be a number between -999 and 999

Runs For

Add an adjustment for the runs scored.

Wickets For

Add an adjustment for the wickets scored

Runs Against

Add an adjustment against the runs scored.

Wickets Against

Add an adjustment against the wickets scored


Type any necessary comments to go with the adjustment.


Keywords: points, change, adjust, match


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