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How To Submit Transfers & Clearances



Transfers and Clearances are used in MyCricket for the movement of people.  MyCricket allows for a single person to be involved with multiple organizations' throughout Australian Cricket whilst retaining a single ID number. The person can therefore take on multiple roles within multiple organisation’s whilst retaining an accurate historical record of their cricket career and involvement within a club and/or association.

Once a record is created for a person it can then be transferred to other organisation’s People List whilst still remaining on the original list.

If you are not sure if a clearance or transfer is required for a player/person within MyCricket, contact your association for clarification.

Process for transferring a player:

  1. Tap on Mode: Teams > Players Menu > Permits & Clearances > Person Transfer or Player Clearance
  2. Select 'Transfer Person'
  3. Type in person's name or their MyCricket ID
  4. Select 'Transfer' for that person from their most current club.
  5. Review details including 'Current Roles' and 'Past Organisations' to ensure it is the correct person, then enter 'Transfer Details' and select Transfer. 

- If the Transfer link is grayed out it means that player is already on your club’s list.
- The transferred person's details can be seen by the club/association after 3 days.
Process to apply for a Clearance:
The following is a step by step overview of the clearance process, beginning with the club requesting the clearance:

1. Tap on Mode: Teams > Players Menu > Permits & Clearances > Person Transfer or Player Clearance

2. Select 'Clear Player'

3. Select the 'Parent Organisation' responsible for grating the application
4. Type in person's name or ID and hit search.

5. Review results and tap 'Apply for Clearance'


6. Select the roles and explain the 'Clearance Reason' and add any addition comments. Tap 'Apply Clearance'. 
7. A notification email will then be sent to the club and association to approve or deny.
If a clearance hasn’t been actioned within 10 days the clearance will automatically be approved.

Process to grant/deny and view Clearances:

1. Mode: Teams > Menu: Players > Permits & Clearance > Clearance and Permits list

2. Select the current season from the drop down list and locate the player in the 'Action pending at Club/Association name' and click 'View'.

3. Select the appropriate Clearance response - Granted, Denied or More information.





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