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Selecting Teams


Mode:                        Teams


Menu:                        Matches > Select Teams


You must select players for a team every round. MyCricket will remember the players selected for the previous match, but you will still need to submit the team to the match on a round by round basis.

DID YOU KNOW - you can select teams via the MyCricket app! MORE HERE


A player must have an active player role and be registered to the association before they will appear in the select teams list. If a player is not appearing on the list then please check they have a player role and that they do not require their role to be reconfimed, also ensure that they are on the list of registered players.


·           Complete the Season, Round and Grade fields.


·           Click Go


·           Select the required players from the Player List


·           Click Add to move them to the Selected Players list


·           Select the Captain’s name from the Selected Players list


·           Click Set next to Captain in the Selected Player Options area.


·           Repeat the previous 2 steps to assign wicketkeepers and substitutes.



     ·           From the dropdown boxes you can select Coach, Team Manager & Scorer if required.


·           Click Update and OK to save


Note: If you want the team to be the same as the previous match, simply click Update and OK to save.




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