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Selecting a Junior Coach for a Team


Cricket Australia requires a coach to be selected to all junior matches within MyCricket.  All Junior coaches must have a ‘TEAM OFFICIAL – JUNIOR COACH’ role as well as a ‘Cricket Coaches Australia’ (CCA) ID number which can be entered in the Person Details page.


If the coach has not been registered to your club in MyCricket, then add them via the ‘Add a New Person’ page, then add the ‘TEAM OFFICIAL – JUNIOR COACH’ role to them.

MODE: Teams > MENU: People > Reconfirm / Change Person Roles > Add Role/Sub-Role ‘TEAM OFFICIAL – JUNIOR COACH’ to the person.


Once a coach role has been added to that person, their CCA ID can be added to their MyCricket Profile.

MODE: Teams > MENU: People > Person List > search for person and double click on their name.


It is expected that coaches provide their CCA ID to the relevant club administrators.  If they do not know their CCA ID, they can find their IDs at community.cricket.com.au/coach.



When selecting a team for a match, select the coach.  If the coach does not appear it will be because Step 1 and/or Step 2 has not been completed.  
MODE: Teams > MENU: Matches > Select Team


Why is a coach required to be selected against a junior team?

Cricket Australia is committed to ensuring all players play in a safe environment and have an enjoyable cricket experience. As a coach, you are in a unique position where you can influence players and parents. To support you in your role, it is incumbent upon Cricket Australia, State and Territory Associations, local associations and clubs to work together to help you provide this quality and safe environment. By ensuring each team has a currently accredited coach, we can assure players that their coach is up to date with The Australian Way Coaching Philosophy and what it means to create a safe environment.

Coaches who do not currently hold an accreditation should visit community.cricket.com.au/coach and register to become a coach.



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