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    Natalie Smart12

    I can’t get the unknown player to appear, I just have a blank screen, using version 3.1.1

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    Jacob Tait

    Hi Natalie,


    Apologies, this article was a little preemptive!


    This will be released on the MyCricket Live Score app in March 2018.

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    Gopi Kakivai

    Hi there,

    Looks like this feature is not available in the latest app. Would you know when would this be available? We are trying to use this for the Mid Year Cricket Association comp in VIC. 

    Also, when this is available, would the app on the mobile have this option to add unknown players or just on the iPad app?

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    Jacob Tait

    Hi Gopi,


    Apologies for the delay here.


    The release is now scheduled for the end of May 2018.



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