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Setting up Registration for clubs competing in the Girls Cricket League


See the below 4 steps to setup online registration for clubs competing in the Girls Cricket League.  To complete the steps you will need to be logged into MyCricket to administer the club involved.

Step 1

  • Ensure ‘Programs’ info is added and correct (MODE: Administration > MENU: Organisation > Organisation Details).
  • This will info will appear against the club on playcricket.com.au

Step 2

  • Hover mouse or touch 'Online Registration' menu item. Select 'Registration and Payments'.
  • Enter 'Bank Account Details' if required.
  • Create 'Registration Product Type' with the below fields. Adjust the relevant fields applicable to your team/competition.

Step 3

  • Setup Registration Form and add the 'Girls Cricket League' Registration Product to the 'Membership Subscriptions' section.
  • Ensure the form is listed as 'Active' and click 'Update'

Step 4

  • Check PlayCricket to ensure the registration form is appearing correctly.




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