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Finals Setup


Finals Setup

Mode:                        Competitions

Menu:                        Competition > Draws > Draw Management

The MyCricket Draw Wizard does allow finals matches to be created. However, the details for these matches need to be manually entered when known.

·        Click Edit next to the grade draw you want to add finals matches to.

o        A new window opens.

·        Select the appropriate finals round from the Round drop down list.

o        The options are EF, QF, SF, PF, GF, GF1, GF2, GF3

·        Click Go

·        Click Edit next to the appropriate match

·        Select the Home Team and Away Team from the drop down lists.

o        These lists are generated from the clubs Allocated to the Grade.

o        These games default to TBD while the finals teams haven’t been decided.

·        Enter a Date and Time

·        Select a Venue from the drop down list

·        Select the appropriate Match Type from the drop down list

·        Click Insert at the right hand end of the row

·        Click Update and Ok

·        The match is confirmed when it has been assigned a Match ID

·        Close the window to return to MyCricket administration.

NOTE: For information on player eligibility, see the Knowledgebase article “Finals – Player Eligibility”


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