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Finding Out Player Eligibility for Finals


Come the end of the season, you may need to find out how many matches a person has played during the season to determine if they are eligible to participate in finals matches. This can done via the public MyCricket site.


Step 1
Go to www.mycricket.cricket.com.au and customise the site for your association or club

Step 2
For Associations: Click Statistics > Matches Played on the menu
For Clubs: Click Statistics > Other > Matches Played
Select the relevant Season, Grade and Date Range. Click Go.
A table displays showing all the players who have played a match in the grade for the selected season.

Step 3
Select the relevant Option from either All Matches, Non-Finals only, Finals only, Include Abandoned Matches.

Note: If you select "Include Abandoned Matches" then all Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches will be included in the total.

Step 4
The data can be downloaded to excel format via the 'Download Data' at the bottom of the page.


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