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Online Registration & Payment - FAQs


What is Online Registration and Payment?

MyCricket Online Registration and Payment is a simple and easy way for Clubs, Centre’s and Associations to collect payments online and a convenient way for participants to pay club registration or program fees.

  • A convenient and secure way for your participants to register and pay your registration fees online.
  • Payments are secure and deposited directly to your organisation bank account. No more counting and handling cash, manually recording payments and issuing receipts. Receipts and tax invoices are automatically sent by the system.
  • Every online payment is automatically recorded in MyCricket. To create a complete record of all your registration payments, just manually add cash/cheque payments you receive into MyCricket as well.
  • Participants enter their own details, including any extra information you specify. No more reading illegible handwriting or tracking down lost paperwork.
  • Entering their own details also improves the accuracy and amount of information able to be captured.
  • Details are automatically added to your MyCricket Person List. No need for administrators to upload participant details manually!
  • Reporting tools help you manage your online registrations and reconcile payments.

The MyCricket Online Registration and Payment service is for you if you are after a simple, time-saving, secure and easy to use system for administrators and players, which is available 24/7 at your convenience.

Why do we need this service?

Everyone knows the familiar feeling as the start of the season looms, the committee meets and finalises next season’s registration details and prices, and again reinforces – “Players must pay before they can play”. The club volunteers are hit with – random cash handling, bits of paper everywhere, part payments, I’ll fix you up next week, details written on the back of whatever is handy, and handwriting that looks like… Not to mention trying to keep track of who has paid what and when they paid, so the treasurer can issue receipts and send reminders…

Don’t go through it again, make the decision to go online, make this season different. Put the information up on your website and direct all of your promotional efforts to get participants online to find out more. Then, while they are right there on your website, step them effortlessly through your customised online registration process – including payment by credit card.

Online Evolution! The player has registered their own details and paid – potentially well before the first practice match or session has even been organised!

How does it work?

  • Clubs and Centre’s setup the registration categories they wish to make available, including setting the fee for each category.
  • Participants then access through the National Club Finder tool, or Clubs can include a link on their Club website. Clubs can direct players to the Club Finder or their website to register and pay. It is suggested that you provide a link on your own website to the online registration login page. This will drive traffic to your website and ensure an easier experience for your players.
  • Participants select whether they are a new player or an existing player, choose their registration type, enter their details and pay online using either MasterCard or Visa.
  • Participant details are checked against your existing MyCricket participant list. Administrators will be notified by email of all online registrations, so you are fully aware of who has registered.
  • MyCricket stores all of the information entered, including payment information, so you can run reports on who has paid and who hasn’t. You can also manually update the payment status of players who pay using cash or cheque directly into MyCricket.
  • Payments are reconciled weekly into your bank account and the system produces all relevant invoices and receipts for players and organisations.

How do I set this up for my club?

If you have already decided on your registration and program fees, then getting started will take between 10-15 minutes, including activating your MILO in2CRICKET and or MILO T20 Blast program.

  1. Download and read the Getting Started Guide here:
  2. Login to MyCricket and navigate to the Online Registration menu, you will need to accept the system Terms & Conditions in order to proceed
  3. Provide your organisation's bank details
  4. Setup your custom registration types / products and forms
  5. If you are running a MILO in2CRICKET or MILO T20 Blast program, you will also need to make sure your Centre Details have been activated for the current season.
  6. Communicate to your players and participants to register and pay online

Complete these simple steps and you’re ready to go!

Who can use Online Registration & Payment?

  • Any active MyCricket organization can setup and activate Online Registration and Payment.
  • MILO in2CRICKET & MILO T20 Blast Centres must activate online registration to activate their Centre. However, activating online payment is not mandatory.

What does it cost my Club/Centre and our participants?

  • This service is free for Clubs and Centres to activate and there are no ongoing Club or Centre costs.
  • A standard service fee of 1.95% (including GST) is collected from each individual payment transaction.
  • The service fee covers the cost of the payment gateway and helps fund future MyCricket developments. The service fee amount is in line with similar industry services and standards. The service fee is automatically calculated and collected from each individual payment processed.
  • Clubs can choose to incorporate or absorb the fees when they setup their registration types and amounts.

How will this impact  MILO in2CRICKET and MILO T20 Blast Centres?

  • All fees associated with online payment have been absorbed in the recommended retail price for both MILO in2CRICKET and MILO T20 Blast. Clubs do not have to factor in the 1.95% service fee when setting their prices for MILO in2CRICKET or MILO T20 Blast.
  • Please be aware that all online payments made for MILO in2CRICKET and MILO T20 Blast will automatically go to your State or Territory Cricket Association. If the price for your club or centre is set above your State or Territory Cricket Association’s recommended retail price (RRP), all money above the RRP will be paid into your centre’s nominated bank account.
  • Additionally, by taking online payments you will remove the invoicing process with your State or Territory Cricket Association. If you decide to take offline payments, you will still be required to receive and pay invoices through your State or Territory Cricket Association.

How can participants pay?

  • Participants must use a credit card to make their individual payment. We accept VISA and MasterCard.
  • Participants register through the National Club Finder. Clubs are encouraged to provide a link from their website directly to the online registration login page.

What about association clearance rules?

If your club is subject to clearance rules, then club administrators should complete the transfer/clearance process in MyCricket before advising a player to register online.

How do I keep track of who has paid their registration?

  • Administrators are notified by email of all online registrations, so you are fully aware of who has registered and when.
  • MyCricket stores all of the information entered, including payment information, into MyCricket.
  • You can run reports on who has paid and who hasn’t for any of the categories.
  • You can also manually update the payment status of players who pay using cash or cheque directly into MyCricket giving you an accurate listing of all registrations and payments at your fingertips.

How will I know how much to charge participants?

To keep communication and promotion simple, MyCricket recommends that Clubs and Centres charge the same price for their registration and programs regardless of whether a participant registers and pays online or in person. It is up to each individual club/centre to decide how they will incorporate the service fee, either by passing this onto the participant or by absorbing the cost of using MyCricket’s Online Payment tool. 

Passing on the Service Fee
Clubs and Centres can increase their individual registration prices, which ensures the Club or Centre still receives the desired amount into their bank account. In doing this, there may need to be a small price increase initially, however Clubs and Centres will also receive a small service fee of their own for the administration of payments made to them manually.

Absorbing the Service Fee
Of course Clubs and Centres can choose to keep their current individual registration prices the same, and absorb the service fee amount. This option reduces the amount the Club or Centre receives into their bank account. However, some Clubs and Centres may have a strong need or desire to retain current registration prices for their participants.

Notifying Participants of the Service Fee
The service fee is charged to the club for using the online payment feature, as per above the club can decide to increase their participant fees to cover this online payment service fee. If you feel that your club should communicate this to participants then you should put a note in your description area when creating your registration types.

Do we need to sign documents or agreements?

  • All agreements to use the system are available online and are electronically signed.
  • If your banking or authorization details change you will need to submit a change request form.

How long are we locked into using the service?

  • You’re never locked into the service, you can use the system when you choose.
  • You can choose to deactivate your online registration categories whenever you are not accepting fees, then start back up when you’re ready to go again.
  • There are no minimum or maximum transaction requirements for an organization and no setup or restart fees for organizations.

Can we sell other items online or is it just for registration fees?

Yes, you can sell other items online. Simply go to the Set-Up Registration Types / Products page and create a product such as Club Cap. Then when you set up a registration form, add this to the form.


The 1.95% (including GST) service fee is non-refundable. Requests from players for a refund will be directed to the club and it will be the clubs decision on whether to provide a refund. This would be handled outside of the MyCricket system, therefore requiring the club to access the funds once made available in their bank account and then manually refund the money to the player.


The Online Registration & Payment system uses the latest credit card security measures to protect financial information. The security measures already in place in MyCricket will continue to protect personal data at every stage of this process. Additionally, only MyCricket administration users with a “Finance Manager” security role will be able to access the Bank Details page.

Terms & Conditions

Clubs and Centres already agree to the MyCricket T&C’s when they become a MyCricket administration security user. Organisations who wish to active the Online Registration & Payments service will need to read and accept additional T&C’s which specifically relate to using this service. These T&C’s provide full details on how this service works and integrates with MyCricket.

Individual participants who register using the Online Registration & Payments service, will also have to agree to T&C’s of use in relation to the provision of their personal data. Those registering for MILO in2CRICKET agree to provide their data as part of the existing MILO in2CRICKET T&C’s.



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