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Entering Historical Data


There are multiple options available for clubs wishing to enter historical statistics into MyCricket. The below information will help your club choose the most suitable option.

Option 1 - Bulk Upload Summary Statistics

Upload Excel spreadhseets with summarised statistics on a grade-by-grade basis per season. You will then be able to upload data such as:

Season 1998/1999, A Grade, James Smith, 5 matches, 6 innings, 155 runs, 28 overs, 15 wickets, 230 runs

You can read more about this within the admin site through Matches > Past Seasons Data Entry > About Summary Statistics

If you choose to go with Summary Data, then you will need to notify us which seasons and which grade you required to be activated, we will then change these seasons and grades to allow you to upload summary data.

A couple of things to note with Summary Stats:

  • Past players will need to be entered into MyCricket which can be done in bulk through: People > Bulk Person Import
  • Players do not require a role, i.e. you can add them as NO ROLE for the purposes of entering historical stats
  • Players that already exist on MyCricket will need their ID number included in the excel upload to ensure their stats are added to their current record
  • Players listed on MyCricket at other clubs will need to be manually transfered into your club (this ensures that duplicated records aren't created) via Players > Add a new player
  • Once you have your stats in excel ensure that you generate a file template which will automatically extract all players then it's just a matter of copying and pasting your data into that file and formatting correctly. This can be done once the relevant seasons/grades have been activated through: Matches > Past Season Data Entry > Summary Stats Import

If you would like to upload summary stats please submit a support request and please specify which season(s) and which grades for that season (e.g. 1990/91 - A, B, C, U17). If you have multiple seasons, then please ensure you indicate which grades are applicable for each season.

Option 2 - Manually Enter Full Scorecards

This option is much the same process as entering current season scorecards and will involve your Association/Competition administrator creating the historical fixtures and we suggest contacitng your Association directly to discuss this option.

If you would like to enter the full scorecards for past seasons you will need to do the following:

  • Ask your association to add the relevant seasons. For instructions on how to do this, see below.
  • The association will need to setup the grades and draws for these past seasons in the same way that they would set up the current seasons’ competition.
  • Once this has been done, you can enter your match results and player scores manually in the same way as you do for the current season.

Creating Seasons and Draws for Historical Data

This allows both Associations and Clubs to create historical fixtures for uploading their data into MyCricket.

For Associations to add historical seasons and allow clubs to create fixtures:

1. Go to Competitions Mode and then follow the menu path Competition > Competition Settings.
2. Click the season List tab, choose the correct season and click Add
3. Go to Competition > Grades > Allocate Teams to Grades and choose the season, grade and teams you wish to add. From here Associations can use the Draw Wizard to create the historical draw as normal or allow clubs to create the draw for themselves.

To Allow Clubs to create their own historical draw:

4. In Competitions Mode, go to Competitions > Draws > Edit Draw
5. Choose the Season and Grade click Add A Match
6. Enter the Match Details and click Insert and then Update
7. Click Back to Draw Management
8. Select the correct season and division and check the publish draw box and click update. N.B. The draw must be published for you to do the next step.
9. Go to Competitions > Grades > Maintain Grades
10. Under the Season Settings section, select the correct season and check the ‘Allow clubs to edit draws and manual ladders’ box. This will allow clubs to create their own draws for historical purposes for the selected season only.

For Clubs to create historical draws:

1. In Teams Mode, go to Matches > Maintenance > Edit Draw
2. Select the correct season, round and grade and click go
3. Click Add a match, enter the match details and click insert and then update
4. The club’s historical draw will be created and you can enter your match data as normal.



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