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Designated Contact


A designated contact is required for each Club/Association during the registration process.   This is your key contact person for State communication purposes.


In order to select a designated contact during the Insurance Registration process, this contact must be entered as a person record.  You should create the PERSON RECORD before commencing the insurance registration process.


  • To enter a designated contact, go to the PEOPLE menu and select ADD NEW PERSON.


  • Search for the person - if found select Transfer to add that record to your Club (note transfer does not remove the record from other clubs).


  • If the person is not already in MyCricket, click the red link at the top of the results display which asks you to add a new person.  It is recommended that Designated Contacts be entered as an OFFICE BEARER role, and whichever subrole is most appropriate.


  • Ensure you have entered mailing address, telephone and email address - as these are required fields for your designated contact.


When you complete the Insurance Registration process you will then be able to select this record from your person list to add as the designated contact for your State. 



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