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Incorrect Player Championship Points


Player championship points are set up under the following menu paths:

Association: Mode: Competition > Menu: Reports > Configure Public Reports

Club: Mode: Teams > Menu: Settings > Report Customisation

You should check the points set up here and then check the individual stats for a player to check for why the points are not displaying correctly.


Above is a table of the default points calculation.

UNASSISTED WICKETS If you have already entered match results then you must go in and save the player scores again before the points will update.

A common issue can be due to unassisted wickets not calculating properly in the Club Championship report, if so, make sure that one of the following applies:

Unassisted wickets include B, LBW, or HW.

Option 1: Unassisted wickets are calculated automatically. This option is only relevant if all clubs are entering full scorecards within a competition. In this case, unassisted wickets are automatically calculated wherever a bowler has a dismissal of b, lbw or hw.

Unassisted wickets will then be read-only on the player scores entry screen, and will update every time player scores are saved.

Option 2: Unassisted wickets are manually entered. This option is the default, and is applicable if not all clubs enter a full scorecard.
Note: The above is only a problem if different points are allocated for assisted and unassisted wickets. This is the case by default. If the points are the same, the entry/calculation of unassisted wickets is irrelevant.




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