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Confirming or Disputing Match Results


If the opposition team has entered the results, you will need to review their entries and either confirm or dispute them. You can not modify the results in any way, however you can begin the dispute process if you disagree with the other teams results entry.

  1. Mode: Teams
  2.  Menu: Matches > Confirm match results 
  3. Select the Season, Round and Grade
  4. Click Go

 In the Actions area of the screen:


 Confirm Result

  1. Select confirm result if you agree with the results entered.
  2. Click Update.
  3. The result is then saved and locked.

Dispute Result

  1. Select dispute result if you do not agree with the match results that have been entered.
  2. Type the reason for your dispute in the text box.
  3. Click update
  4. This information will then be sent to both competing teams as well as the association. This matter will then be dealt with by the association. 



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