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How to Register for Insurance


The National Club Risk Protection Programme (NCRPP) provides Public Liability, Personal Injury and Management Liability insurance for Australian cricket clubs via JLT Sport.

The renewal date for the program is 30 June, with the program renewing for another year on 30 June the following year.

Clubs can now pay their insurance premiums online immediately following completion of their MyCricket registration and the JLT Sport risk management module.

The overall process is outlined below:

1. Log on to MyCricket > MODE: Administration > MENU: Organisation > Insurance – Register 


2. Review the NCRPP Insurance Registrations introduction

3. Confirm your club’s organisation details

4. Confirm the key contact who should receive communications from JLT and your State and Territory Association, you can have multiple contacts as long as they are on the MyCricket system with an active record. This is also the list of contacts who will receive the insurance invoice from JLT Sport.

5. Estimate the number of teams you will have compete under your association. For clubs who compete across multiple associations you will need choose each association via the ‘select association’ option and enter in each team. If you do not happen to field a team in an association that is linked to you please check the tick box ‘we don’t not field team in this association’ 


6. Once you have completed the club details process, you will then be directed to the JLT Sport website to complete the risk management module.

7. You will enter the payment System and your insurance invoice will then become available. You have the option of paying the invoice online immediately, or paying at a later date.  The invoice lists the various payment methods.

Once your invoice is paid, your insurance Certificate of Currency becomes available to be printed and/or emailed.

Clubs / associations pay on a per team basis. The system will be populated with your team numbers (senior/veteran and junior) from the previous season.  Club / association administrators can edit these numbers if required.  

Please refer to your State & Territory Cricket Association's communication in regards to premiums.  

Should you have any queries regarding the NCRPP, please visit the JLT Sport website or contact JLT on 1300 130 373.


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