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One Person involved with multiple clubs


One Person involved with multiple clubs

If you have a situation where one person is involved with several Clubs and/or Associations you do not need to create a record for every club or association they are involved with.

MyCricket enables a single persons ID number to be linked to multiple organisations, through the transfer/clearance process and the relevant role/sub-role assignment.

E.g.: A person play’s at senior level for Club A. She then joins Club B as both a coach and the Club treasurer. This persons record will first be transferred from Club A to Club B. The Person will now be on both club lists. Next, this person will have 3 separate Roles/sub-roles applied to their MyCricket record to identify each of the 3 roles or rather, jobs the person holds within Australian cricket. In Club A they will be listed as SENIOR/PLAYER. In club B they will have 2 roles COACH?JUNIOR and OFFICE BEARER/TREASURER.

For more information on this see “Update Person Role/s” and “Clearance & Transfer Process” in the Knowledgebase.


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