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How Out Abbreviations


The following is a list of definitions for the abbreviations in the How Out drop down list on the Player Scores screen. MyCricket enables you to select from 16 options rather than just the standard 10, in order to accommodate competitions such as community and junior cricket which may deviate from the standard game.


DNB Did Not Bat
NO Not Out
C Caught
LBW Leg Before Wicket
B Bowled
ST Stumped
RO Run Out
HW Hit Wicket
RH Retired hurt
HT Hit Wicket
TO Timed Out
HB Handled Ball
OF Obstructing the Field
RT Retired
RTNO Retired Not Out (used for compulsary retirement)
ABS Absent (the system will record this as loss of wicket)

Keywords: types, dismissals, wickets


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