Dismissed Batsman batting twice



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    Jacob Tait

    Hi Jason,


    The MyCricket Live Score app supports Stage 1, 2 & 3 of the Junior Playing Formats.


    From the sounds of it you may be playing Stage 1? 


    If so, you can follow the article below:



    If not, let me know and I may be able to help futher.

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    Matt Lanagan

    Hi Jacob

    Our association allows the same situation in regular format matches, not junior formats as linked to above. A team with 10 players can send a batsman in for a second time in the same innings. They are already in the selected team and have already batted in the innings, hence they cannot be selected form the normal lists of batsman - is there a way for them to selected to bat again within the Live Scorer app?




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    Hi jacob,,

    Whilst in theory the stage 1 solution works to a certain extent allows the batsman to continue batting but is not really practical following the junior rules for the grade we are playing  

    " if a team has less than 11 players and all batters except for one have been dismissed, a batter who has been dismissed may return to bat ....  Separate entries are to be made in the scorebook for players who bat twice"  

    We can't do this using the stage 1 solution, where there is a need to have a separate entry for when batsman bats twice in an innings.

    Furthermore we would need to manually keep track of the number wickets taken as the maximum amount of wickets to be taken is 10 rather than unlimited.

    Is there a better solution to the one you suggested.



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