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Release Notes 10th October 2016



  • Ability for clubs/association to have multiple MILO T20 Blast centres.
  • MILO T20 Blast Coordinators can communicate to specific teams in their program.  This functionality can be found in the MODE: Competitions > 'Communications' menu > Email >  Email MILO T20 Blast Team Managers/Participants.
  • Increase performance of the club finder search within PlayCricket.  The search is now much faster. 
  • Improved 'Enter Match Scores' page:
  • Within the Organisation Details page - Programs, clubs/associations can add types of 'Disability Cricket' as an offering, which will then appear on www.playcricket.com.au.  These options include: Vision Impairment > Hearing Improvement > Physical Disability > Intellectual Disability and General Disability.


Fixes / Bugs:

  • Fixed duplicate payment issues with Online Registration
  • Club websites - Twitter widget issue fixed.


What's Coming:

  • Mobile responsive club/association MyCricket websites
  • Ability to choose multiple locations for MILO in2CRICKET & MILO T20 Blast centres.


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