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Roadmap FY17 Q2


To improve visibility of development activity in the MyCricket portfolio and to help with planning design, development and training activities, we will now be producing a quarterly roadmap that contains the high-level initiatives planned for the next quarter.

The items in this roadmap have been selected based on current business priorities and Grassroots Cricket Service Transformation Project commitments. The intent is to allocate 50% of our development capacity each quarter to large initiatives, reserving 50% of our capacity to respond to inevitable changes, ad-hoc requests and defect resolution.

Our focus for the next three months will be to deliver the following initiatives:

MyCricket App Communications

This initiative will deliver peer-to-peer communications to the MyCricket App. Users will be required to authenticate to send messages which is an enabler for future personalisation.

Flash Video Player Upgrade to HTML5

Adobe Flash will be disabled in all major browsers by December 2016. The Brightcove video player used to display coaching and umpiring resources is currently a Flash player and needs to be upgraded to HTML5 – the new Brightcove player. Failure to do this work will result in coaching and umpiring videos not rendering on the Community website from December.

Mobile Friendly MyCricket Club & Association Websites

This enhancement will provide Clubs and Associations with mobile-friendly websites. The design is a significant improvement both aesthetic and from a user experience perspective.

ELP Centre Management – Location Enhancements

An upgrade to the MILO in2CRICKET and MILO T20 Blast Centre Management modules was recently released. An enhancement to this piece of work will allow clubs to enter a location for MILO in2CRICKET and MILO T20 Blast centres. This is important for clubs running two or more programs that are not at the same venue. This work also includes the display of the location of each program on playcricket.com.au, providing an improved user experience for parents choosing a club for their child.

Government Sport Vouchers Trial – SA

This initiative will allow the payment or part-payment of MILO ELP or junior registration fees with a Government Sport Voucher. This is to address what is seen as the final barrier to full adoption of online payments in SA.

MILO Entry-Level Program Dashboards

This initiative will replace the current tiled Entry-Level Program Management dashboard in MyCricket. The dashboard will likely feature a checklist of tasks with progress indicators as well as key metrics relating to the program including number of participants and number of packs ordered. Customer research and design activity will flesh this concept out further prior to implementation.

School Ambassador Migration

This initiative will migrate the School Ambassador registration form and program registration forms to the MyCricket Community website. Further, authentication for School Ambassadors will enable the restriction of Cricket Smart and other materials to registered School Ambassadors. Note: This work is expected to continue into January for launch prior to the 2017 school year.

MyCricket App Group Messaging (Service Transformation)

This initiative will ensure a participant’s MyCricket App contains all groups that they are member of (e.g. 1st XI, Acme Association U17 Representative Team, etc) for the purpose of group messaging. This will be a big win for coaches and team managers who can quickly message all players in a given team.


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