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New Mobile Friendly MyCricket Website Templates


We have released new mobile friendly website templates for club and associations.

The new websites will automatically be available to clubs and associations that are utilising FREE websites provided by MyCricket.


New mobile friendly websites



Old websites (not mobile friendly)


Improvements you'll notice with the new templates:

  • Websites are now mobile friendly
  • Improved layout with a cleaner look.
  • Modernised news rotator
  • Removed MyCricket logo top right hand corner. More ‘real estate’ for your club/association banner.

Tips to ensure you have the best looking website possible:

  • Ensure Menu Items fit in one row.  Reduce items if the menu appears on a second row.  It's recommended a maximum of 6-8 menu items. 
  • Update your banner.  Dimensions are 980x180.
  • If the website appears jumbled, click Ctrl+F5 and if that doesn't work clear the cache on your browser. 
  • News Rotator Images - 560x460


If your club/association would like to activate a FREE MyCricket website, please submit a support query and our support team will get a website setup for your club/association. MORE HERE.

Useful Links:

- Using the Layout Manager  
- Uploading a Banner  
- Building a managing your website 


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