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Adding Bank Account Details


MODE: Administration > Online Registration > Bank Account Details

If you set-up your bank details and activate online payments, payments go directly to your club or center’s nominated bank account once a week.

Note: A pay week is between Saturday to Friday with monies transferred the following Thursday and, depending on your bank, it will generally be available on the Friday.

It is important the bank account is the club or centre bank account - online registration payments should not be going to a committee member’s personal bank account.

If you choose to activate online payments it’s best to do this before you setup registration forms to make the process quicker from the Registration and Payments page select on the Step 1 link or Setup Online Payments button.

This will open your Banking Details page, with two sections to complete:

  • Bank Details – Enter you clubs specific bank account details including ABN or AIS and indicate if you are registered for GST.
  • Contacts – Your clubs primary and secondary contacts should be the most appropriate administrators in regard to the club’s finance and banking arrangement. (E.g. Treasurer & Secretary). This will pre-populate with your details and the MyCricket Principal User’s details but you can change these if required.

Select the Submit Bank Details button. You will be presented will a Review Banking Details page which will ask to confirm the details are correct.


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